Oranges: Nutritional Profile, Amazing Health benefits & Adverse Effects


In this hustle and bustle of life, you must fulfill the nutritional requirements to keep your body healthy. The intake of fresh seasonal fruit is an excellent source to meet this need. The sweet orange (citrus sinesis) is a citrus family member and it should include in our diet. Because oranges are enriched with vitamin A, fiber, folate, antioxidants, beta-carotene, carotenoids, and flavonoids. Getting fiber on a daily basis is essential for overall health and reduces the risk of heart disease, colon cancer, and obesity. So, we can say fresh seasonal orange fruit is essential for healthy eating.

“Orange strengthens your emotional body, encouraging a general feeling of joy, well-being, and cheerfulness.”

Do you know common varieties of oranges?

There are many varieties of oranges such as Washington Navel(Commercially grown in Brazil, Paraguay, Spain, Australia, Japan, and Africa), Valencia (Late Valencia (commercially cultivated in Texas, California, and some regions of Africa.), Blood Oranges (Egypt, Italy, and Pakistan grow commercially).

Tell Me The Nutritional Profile Of Orange

The nutritional value of oranges is significant for a healthy balanced diet. Oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C, folates, antioxidants, flavinoids, calcium, iron, and dietary fibers. The orange has the lowest amount of calories, with about 60 calories per 140g of orange fruit. These calories comprise mainly carbohydrates and almost no fat.

1 Orange fruit (140g)Nutritional Value
 Calories 60
Calories from fatO
Saturated fat0.15g
Total carbohydrates16.28g
Dietary fibers3.4g
Vitamin A1%
Vitamin C138%
Vitamin B7%

14 Incredible Health Benefits Of Oranges

1. Heart health: 

There are many incredible health benefits to eating oranges every day. One of the most significant advantages is that it benefits one’s cardiovascular health. To this day, heart disease remains the leading cause of mortality worldwide. Oranges prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce stroke risk, and keep blood vessels healthy.

“Good news for orange lovers: citrus fruit intake has been associated with reduced stroke risk.”

                                                                  (Michael Greger)      

2. Oranges are healthy for the digestive system:

Consuming oranges regularly is beneficial to the health of the digestive system. Oranges are a natural remedy for constipation and prevent stomach and colon cancer. Oranges are helpful for regulating one’s appetite.

3. Oranges lower the cholesterol level :

The research study shows that the intake of oranges reduces the body’s total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Because oranges also contain phytosterols (plant sterols), a form of fat that helps prevent cholesterol absorption in the intestines.

4. Really beneficial to the kidney’s health:

Another incredible health benefit of the orange is that it promotes kidney health. Oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C, and the more of it you consume on a daily basis, the healthier your kidneys will be.

5. Assists to combat cancer (anti-cancer):

Oranges, high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber help to reduce and combat many types of cancer, including colon, stomach, mouth, and lung.

6. Oranges help keep your skin healthy :

One of the most important health benefits of oranges is that they promote more collagen production. This helps you get firm, plump skin by controlling wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and slowing down your skin’s aging process.

7. Oranges are beneficial to the protection of one’s eyesight :

Another incredible health benefit of oranges is that they are beneficial to the protection of one’s eyesight because the vitamin C in oranges keeps your eyes healthy and your vision sharp.

 8. Oranges are immune boosters:

Oranges boost the immune system, and regularly consuming oranges, which are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, can help to support healthy immune function.

9. Anti-inflammatory:

Oranges’ anti-inflammatory properties are one of the most significant contributions to a healthy diet. Each orange is likely to contain over 170 phytochemicals and 60 antioxidants combined. This means they are packed with properties that can fight and reduce inflammation for a long time and are even more effective than medicine.

10. Aids  in weight loss:

Oranges aid in weight loss because of their naturally low calorie and high fiber content; they are a great choice to include in a diet, making weight loss easy and healthier.

11. Assists in the regulation of high blood pressure :

One of the most incredible health advantages of oranges is that they assist in regulating high blood pressure. Further research studies showed that flavonoids in oranges help lower blood pressure and control hypertension.

12. May aid in diabetes treatment :

If you’re a diabetic patient, you should include oranges in your diet, which help maintain normal blood sugar levels due to their low glycemic index, high fiber content, and other beneficial nutrients.

13. Healthy bone :

Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps maintain healthy bones and helps the body fight against virus infections. Vitamin C boosts collagen production for healthy, strong bones and joints. In addition, orange juices fortify the nutrients like vitamin D and Calcium in the blood, reducing the risk of Osteoporosis.

14. Anemia prevention :

Anemia is a condition caused by a deficiency in iron. Consuming oranges which are high in vitamin C, may help prevent anemia and enhance iron absorption.

What are the side effects of eating too many oranges?

As we know, excess of everything is bad, and if we eat too many oranges, it will cause an adverse effect on our health. Oranges are enriched in potassium, and excessive intake can harm the proper functioning of the kidney. Due to the high acidic content of oranges, people with gastroesophageal reflux disease should avoid them.

The Bottom Line:

So, in the bottom lines, I must say that fresh, seasonal orange fruit is essential for healthy eating. Oranges are beneficial to our health because they are enriched in vitamin A, fiber, folate, antioxidants, beta-carotene, carotenoids, and flavonoids. Oranges have numerous incredible health benefits, including being good for heart health, being good for the digestive system, lowering cholesterol levels, being extremely beneficial to kidney health, assisting in the fight against cancer, keeping your skin healthy, being beneficial to the protection of one’s eyesight, immune boosters, aiding in weight loss, assisting in the regulation of high blood pressure, may aid in diabetes treatment, and may aid in anemia prevention. 


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