Why number of people are effected by contagious COVID-19 Pandemic

Introduction : These days, the outbreak of the novel COVID-19 affects many people’s lives and causes serious public health issues that are pervasive worldwide. In more than 100 countries, it has contributed to catastrophic results. Public health issues are significant problems worldwide associated with the outbreak of novel Coronavirus that needs solutions. COVID-19 is dueContinue reading “Why number of people are effected by contagious COVID-19 Pandemic”

”Health And Hygiene In Remote Areas”

Background/Overview The issue at hand is the most important necessity of our everyday life. Health and hygiene are the two keys to a healthy life. Health refers to a sound state of mind and a physically healthy body free from disease or illness. Hygiene is a regular activity that avoids sickness and contributes to goodContinue reading “”Health And Hygiene In Remote Areas””